SSHC statement on 2020 season

First of all I hope you are all safe and well and if not that you are getting plenty of help in these difficult times.

As you would imagine there have been many conversations by committee members who continue to monitor the guidance from the government (local and national) and Motorsport UK.

Following the announcement by Motorsport UK to withdraw any permits until the end of June we have of course lost many events, some are discussing possible new dates but the second half of the season is already busy.

We will continue to monitor the situation with regard to reviewing the championships and their viability this year.

As a very fluid situation you will appreciate many conversations will be had before another communication is made as we continue in the background to ensure when things change we can move forward and inform you of our process going forward.

All the very best

Tim Thomson

Motorsport UK Extends Suspension of Motorsport Permits to 30th June

In light of recent developments in the COVID-19 crisis, and following the address to the nation by the Prime Minister on the evening of 23rd March, Motorsport UK has today extended its suspension of all organising permits and Certificates of Exemption for motorsport events until at least 30th June.

This move provides clear guidance to event organisers, venues, competitors, officials and volunteer marshals of the role that Motorsport UK must play in supporting the broader UK public health agenda.

In recent days the feedback from our members and the community was a need for increased clarity to allow them to plan appropriately and, should the need arise, put in place necessary contingency measures.

Motorsport UK Chairman, David Richards explained, “Motorsport UK has a vital role to play with its community in re-inforcing that, at this time of national emergency, we must all stay at home to play our part in protecting the NHS and ultimately saving lives. Today, the government have required that we effectively lock-down for a period of three weeks, however given that the most vulnerable in our society are required to isolate for three months, it is evident that the most responsible course of action was to propose a longer suspension of our sport. When we reflect back on this time, it will be a brief, but vital, hiatus from our everyday motorsport life and we must put this in perspective. This is a time of national unity and we need to come together with the broader public community to do all we can to support this battle and ultimately save lives.”

Motorsport UK will continue to monitor the prevailing advice from the UK Government in respect of the COVID-19 international pandemic and will update the motorsport community accordingly.

Motorsport UK COVID-19 Update


It is with regret that Motorsport UK is suspending all organising permits and Certificates of Exemption until at least 30th April 2020. This suspension follows the latest guidance issued by HM UK Government in response to the outbreak of COVID-19. This position will be constantly reviewed given prevailing information.

As the National Governing Body, we would ask all Motorsport UK members to act responsibly and follow the Government’s guidance during this difficult time.

We thank all of our members, organisers, officials, volunteers, staff and their families for their support during these unprecedented times.  We will continue to monitor the situation and will resume sporting activity as soon as we are able. We also have a responsibility and duty of care to our staff who will be working from home, so please be patient with any queries you may have.

David Richards, chairman of Motorsport UK, explained, “Clearly we live in challenging times and exceptional measures are required. The decision to suspend Motorsport UK permits on a temporary basis is not one that was taken lightly as the industry employs many thousands of people. However we have an over-riding responsibility to our members and the friends and families of our community. Furthermore, our social responsibilities extend to the broader population and the potential drain on valuable public health resources on which we are all reliant.

“The situation is very fluid and we will continue to monitor developments over the coming weeks and hope that we can resume the annual motorsport calendar at the opportune moment. In the immediate short term our efforts need to be focused on ensuring that the industry that backs up the sport has the financial support that it requires from the Government in order that it can be sustained beyond this extraordinary scenario.”

The latest UK government advice

The most recent NHS guidance

Advice for self-isolation

Government economic measures in tackling the economic impact of Coronavirus


The following change is to be made to the official regulations already published in accordance with Motorsport UK general regulation D11.1.3. This change is to be implemented immediately

2020 Scottish Sprint & Hillclimb Championship
Championship Permit:- CH2020/SO26 (Grade D)

Championship Bulletin No 01
The following change is to be made to the official regulations already published for the above Championship and in accordance with Motorsport UK general regulation D11.1.3. This change is to be implemented immediately.

Reason: Force Majeure
The Landowner ( NSKC) has a contractual agreement with another event and are therefore unable to give us the date as advertised.

Current Regulation: Golspie Rounds 12 &13
12th & 13th September

Revised Regulation : Golspie Rounds 12 &13
NEW DATE 5th & 6th September

A copy of the Bulleitn can be found here:   026 – Bulletin 01 issued

Chairman’s Message, November 2019

There was a healthy attendance by most Club Reps at this year’s AGM, where a number of topics were discussed.

The Championship Regulations for 2020 are being submitted with permit applications now a potential date clash has been avoided.  Our thanks to the Clubs involved in getting this sorted out.

There are a few Blue Book changes being added, so they should be published in a few weeks unless Motorsport UK throw anything else in the pot before then.

We will be changing the number of counting rounds in the Sprint Championship to nine, along with a change in Classic scoring to bring it into line with the rest of the Championship and with the majority of wishes in those classes.

We have removed the requirement in A8 to request the car club of a new entrant to write to the club, the existence of a car club for that particular marque will be enough for the Committee to decide on inclusion or not.

Our 2019 results were approved and congratulations are extended to all the winners, some of whom we will see at this weekend’s awards night in Perth. Our thanks to all who competed this year and we look forward to seeing you all in 2020.

Finally my thanks to all those on the Committee for their support during the year, along with our sponsors.

Tim Thomson


Important Changes to the 2019 ‘Blue Book’


Changes to Section S Motorsport UK Yearbook (Blue Book) 2019

It seems that an element of text relating to cars self-starting has been missed out of section S of this year’s Motorsport UK Yearbook (Blue Book). This was approved by Council in September 2017 for inclusion now, and a copy of the relevant notice is linked below.

S 7.1.6a  The requirement to make a declaration of alternative procedures if a car is not self-starting is not new. But it may have been overlooked by competitors, and some entry forms may not already have made it clear that the declaration is mandatory.

S 10.3.3  Should read: “Must be provided with a means of starting which does not involve push starting, or the use of external equipment or personnel, except in the case of force majeure unless period defined or vehicles in possession of a competition Car Log Book or Vehicle Passport prior to 31 December 2018”. This means that all new builds with a Competition Car Log Book or Vehicle Passport issued from 1 January 2019 must have onboard operational starters and batteries to permit self-starting.

S This is a new paragraph: “Any connections to assist the starting of the car must be either in the driver’s cockpit or at the tail of the car requiring a horizontal connection”. This means that external jack plug sockets must face to the rear so that in the event of the car starting in gear, the connection will pull out safely.

A copy of these changes can be downloaded here: 08 – Appendix A5 – Speed Events Committee Action Sheet – Approved[1]

Chairman’s Message March 2019

The committee met last weekend and I am pleased to announce that we have 108 registered competitors for this years championship, may I wish you all a successful season.

We have been advised by the organising clubs that following the recent blue book change some will adopt a one practice run only for their events please check their regulations for more details.

On the subject of blue book changes, there have been some to self starting options and I am advised further expansion of these provisions could be on it’s way so please check your Motorsport UK bulletins for any changes to section S.

The committee agreed the production of a new championship sticker, which will give exposure to all our sponsors and should be available shortly, championship entrants are reminded this sticker should be displayed on the competing car.

The dinner dance was a great success last year although there were some problems with the venue, Vicky has worked hard with Murrayshall staff to ensure our concerns are addressed. The hotel has been through an update of it’s rooms and the bar area will be exclusive for this year, the date will be 23rd November and Vicky will put out more details shortly.

Colin has decided that after “stepping in” to help out in the secretary’s role that he will retire at the AGM this October so we are looking for an interested party to take over his good work, Colin has ensured a full handover for whoever takes the job, please let us know if you know of anyone or are interested yourself.

I hope your winter preparations are going well and wish you all the best for the coming season.

Tim Thomson

Chairman’s Message 20th January 2019

Scottish Sprint and Hillclimb Championship – Chairman’s Message

January 2019

Dear member

Welcome to 2019 and a new season of speed events in Scotland.

Our regs for 2019 are now published on the website, our thanks to all involved over the winter in reviewing these regulations and bringing some long overdue updates.

We have an extra sprint round this year as well as a new class (A9), which will add some more interest to the championship.

Our governing body has been busy over the winter as well, as you will notice when your licence arrives and you find a name change to Motorsport UK as the MSA is now known. There are also promises to bring more member benefits to its licence holders, so check their website for details of offers and discounts from major suppliers. I am all for change if it makes a difference but am already bored of typing Motorsport UK as they will not allow it to be abbreviated for obvious reasons!

I hope your preparations for the season are going well and look forward to seeing you at our amazing venues throughout the country.

Marshaling continues to be as important as ever, if you know someone that is interested please introduce them to your own club, to SMMC or to Motorsport UK for more information about getting involved.

As ever, should you have anything you wish to bring up with the championship please let your club rep know (they are listed on the website) or drop a line to

All the best for your racing season

Tim Thomson


Scottish Sprint and Hillclimb Championship