2018 Events

A full list of this years entries can be downloaded here

01xx04 (April) 07thKamesEast Ayrshire C.C.
02xx04 (April) 08thKamesEast Ayrshire C.C.
x010104 (April) 14thDouneLothian C.C.
x020204 (April) 15thDouneLothian C.C.
03xx05 (May) 05thKamesScottish Sporting C.C.
04x0305 (May) 06thKamesMachars C.C
x030405 (May) 19thFintrayGrampian A.C.
x04x05 (May) 20thFintrayGrampian A.C.
05xx06 (June) 02ndGolspieCaithness C.C
06x0506 (June) 03rdGolspieCaithness C.C
x050606 (June) 16thForrestburnMonklands Sporting C.C.
x06x06 (June) 17thForrestburnMonklands Sporting C.C.
x07x06 (June) 23/24thDouneLothian C.C.
07x0706 (June) 30thBoyndieAberdeen & District M.C.
08xx07 (July) 01stBoyndieAberdeen & District M.C.
x08x07 (July) 07thFintrayGrampian A.C.
x090807 (July) 08thFintrayGrampian A.C.
09x0907 (July) 28thKamesEast Ayrshire C.C.
10xx07 (July) 29thKamesEast Ayrshire C.C.
11x1008 (Aug) 12thAlfordGrampian A.C.
x10x08 (Aug) 25thForrestburnMonklands Sporting C.C.
x111108 (Aug) 26thForrestburnMonklands Sporting C.C.
12x1209 (Sept) 08thGolspieCaithness C.C
13xx09 (Sept) 09thGolspieCaithness C.C
x12x09 (Sept) 15/16thDouneLothian C.C.
14xx09 (Sept) 29thBoyndieAberdeen & District M.C.
15xx09 (Sept) 30thBoyndieAberdeen & District M.C.
16xx10 (Oct) 07thKamesEast Ayrshire C.C.