2019 Events


A full list of this years entries can be downloaded here (when available) 

01xx04 (April) 06thKamesEast Ayrshire C.C.
02xx04 (April) 07thKamesEast Ayrshire C.C.
x010104 (April) 13thDouneLothian C.C.
x020204 (April) 14thDouneLothian C.C.
03xx05 (May) 11thKamesScottish Sporting C.C.
04x0305 (May) 12thKamesMachars C.C
x030405 (May) 18thFintrayGrampian A.C.
x04x05 (May) 19thFintrayGrampian A.C.
05xx06 (June) 01stGolspieCaithness C.C
06x0506 (June) 02ndGolspieCaithness C.C
x05x06 (June) 15/16thDouneLothian C.C.
x060606 (June) 22ndForrestburnMonklands Sporting C.C.
x07x06 (June) 23rdForrestburnMonklands Sporting C.C.
07x0706 (June) 29thBoyndieAberdeen & District M.C.
08xx06 (June) 30thBoyndieAberdeen & District M.C.
x08x07 (July) 06thFintrayGrampian A.C.
x090807 (July) 07thFintrayGrampian A.C.
09x0907 (July) 27thKamesEast Ayrshire C.C.
10xx07 (July) 28thKamesEast Ayrshire C.C.
11x1008 (Aug) 11thAlfordGrampian A.C.
x10x08 (Aug) 24thForrestburnMonklands Sporting C.C.
x111108 (Aug) 25thForrestburnMonklands Sporting C.C.
12x1209 (Sept) 07thGolspieCaithness C.C
13xx09 (Sept) 08thGolspieCaithness C.C
x12x09 (Sept) 14/15thDouneLothian C.C.
14xx09 (Sept) 21stBoyndieAberdeen & District M.C.
15xx09 (Sept) 22ndBoyndieAberdeen & District M.C.
16xx10 (Oct) 05thKamesEast Ayrshire C.C.
17xx10 (Oct) 06thKamesEast Ayrshire C.C.