I’d like to extend a warm welcome to all championship competitors & members.

A face to face meeting was planned for 23rd October but unsure if this would happen as previous meetings were conducted through Zoom. Good as it was you missed the personnel touch!

I can report this meeting went ahead with 11 people attending. Much was discussed and addressed.


Entry fee for 2022 was agreed to remain at £25 but will probably need to increase for 2023 to allow for increased costs

2021 results & final positions were agreed

All current members happy to continue in present positions

Small changes & corrections to constitution were discussed & agreed


All clubs present gave us positive reports on how their season had gone. No major problems reported

Monklands reported that they were looking into the possibility of introducing penalties for hitting bollards; this has always been an issue at Forrestburn . Hopefully a workable solution can be found


Was reported that following the rescue of the June events a well supported successful September events were ran.

Planning is in the early stages for 2022 events

GAC confirmed that at moment they were unable to run Alford Sprint this was due to a number of factors outwith their control. Safety, change of transport museum staff and introduction of caravan site being some of the reasons

Championship numbering, this has been discussed many times before the outcome being that the complexity outweighs the benefits. Vote 10-1 in favour of continue as is

A big thank you to all entrants, marshals & officials who competed & organised events allowing us to have a great near full season of competition

Look forward to seeing everyone at the Awards presentation/dance at the Best Western Invercarse Hotel Dundee on the 27th November (Still a small amount of tickets available)

2022 Full season ahead

Jim King