Dear all,

I would like to extend a welcome to all hillclimbers, sprinters and motor enthusiasts; here we are in 2021 and still not clear of this Covid!

The committee met on the 20th of March by Zoom which was well attended by 14 people. Much was discussed and ideas were shared as we prepare for the new season.

As near as possible a full season of events are planned for the Championship and all clubs were upbeat on the possibility of achieving this as the present Covid restrictions in Scotland are eased. Although, trying to fit in events may mean that they come thick and fast as we’re allowed to travel and socially meet.

The first meeting should be the May Kames event which has been moved to the 29th and 30th of May to give it every chance to run.

A revised start line procedure was discussed and it was noted that Motorsport UK are now allowing marshalls to touch the vehicle with sanitised hands and the wearing of gloves. This will allow the placing of vehicles on the start line as normal, if preferred to the ‘one metre box’ system adopted in Europe. New records will only be recorded if normal procedures are used, with the organising clubs making that decision on an event-by-event basis.

A digital sign-on process will be used this year which will require stricter enforcement of entry cut-off dates, therefore late entries cannot be accepted.

Ronnie Macgregor has suggested an improved system for scrutineering is being tested, which was well received by the committee (watch this space!).

It was agreed that the Championship should make more use of Facebook, in addition to email, to promote our championship and communicate with entrants. Martin Banks has kindly volunteered to look into this.

The Zoom format worked very well and it was suggested that this should continue for future meetings, however the committee will still target one in-person meeting each year.

The number of entrants for 2021 was artificially low as people seemed to be waiting to see how this season was panning out, many having purchased a MUK licence in 2020 and didn’t get the use out of it! It was agreed that the championship could do the necessary paperwork if the go-ahead was given by the entrants, therefore relieving them of this stress. The take-up of this approach has been very positive – thank you.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone for their support and input in this difficult time as we finally get our racing season underway. If anyone has any comments or suggestions for us to consider please let us know by contacting us at