There was a healthy attendance by most Club Reps at this year’s AGM, where a number of topics were discussed.

The Championship Regulations for 2020 are being submitted with permit applications now a potential date clash has been avoided.  Our thanks to the Clubs involved in getting this sorted out.

There are a few Blue Book changes being added, so they should be published in a few weeks unless Motorsport UK throw anything else in the pot before then.

We will be changing the number of counting rounds in the Sprint Championship to nine, along with a change in Classic scoring to bring it into line with the rest of the Championship and with the majority of wishes in those classes.

We have removed the requirement in A8 to request the car club of a new entrant to write to the club, the existence of a car club for that particular marque will be enough for the Committee to decide on inclusion or not.

Our 2019 results were approved and congratulations are extended to all the winners, some of whom we will see at this weekend’s awards night in Perth. Our thanks to all who competed this year and we look forward to seeing you all in 2020.

Finally my thanks to all those on the Committee for their support during the year, along with our sponsors.

Tim Thomson