Changes to Section S Motorsport UK Yearbook (Blue Book) 2019

It seems that an element of text relating to cars self-starting has been missed out of section S of this year’s Motorsport UK Yearbook (Blue Book). This was approved by Council in September 2017 for inclusion now, and a copy of the relevant notice is linked below.

S 7.1.6a  The requirement to make a declaration of alternative procedures if a car is not self-starting is not new. But it may have been overlooked by competitors, and some entry forms may not already have made it clear that the declaration is mandatory.

S 10.3.3  Should read: “Must be provided with a means of starting which does not involve push starting, or the use of external equipment or personnel, except in the case of force majeure unless period defined or vehicles in possession of a competition Car Log Book or Vehicle Passport prior to 31 December 2018”. This means that all new builds with a Competition Car Log Book or Vehicle Passport issued from 1 January 2019 must have onboard operational starters and batteries to permit self-starting.

S This is a new paragraph: “Any connections to assist the starting of the car must be either in the driver’s cockpit or at the tail of the car requiring a horizontal connection”. This means that external jack plug sockets must face to the rear so that in the event of the car starting in gear, the connection will pull out safely.

A copy of these changes can be downloaded here: 08 – Appendix A5 – Speed Events Committee Action Sheet – Approved[1]