The committee met last weekend and I am pleased to announce that we have 108 registered competitors for this years championship, may I wish you all a successful season.

We have been advised by the organising clubs that following the recent blue book change some will adopt a one practice run only for their events please check their regulations for more details.

On the subject of blue book changes, there have been some to self starting options and I am advised further expansion of these provisions could be on it’s way so please check your Motorsport UK bulletins for any changes to section S.

The committee agreed the production of a new championship sticker, which will give exposure to all our sponsors and should be available shortly, championship entrants are reminded this sticker should be displayed on the competing car.

The dinner dance was a great success last year although there were some problems with the venue, Vicky has worked hard with Murrayshall staff to ensure our concerns are addressed. The hotel has been through an update of it’s rooms and the bar area will be exclusive for this year, the date will be 23rd November and Vicky will put out more details shortly.

Colin has decided that after “stepping in” to help out in the secretary’s role that he will retire at the AGM this October so we are looking for an interested party to take over his good work, Colin has ensured a full handover for whoever takes the job, please let us know if you know of anyone or are interested yourself.

I hope your winter preparations are going well and wish you all the best for the coming season.

Tim Thomson