We have agreed to create a new community forum that replaces Flatchat’s existing platform and will be hosted on Uphill Racers from June 1. The decade of contributions represented on Flatchat will be retained and still be accessible as an archive, but those postings will be closed.


Flatchat has served as the forum for speedsport in Scotland from when it was first devised by David Baker. With the support of the Scottish Sprint and Hillclimb Championship and a great many independent volunteers, it has operated in something close to its current form for the benefit of everyone with an interest or involvement in our sport since 2007.

Since its inception, a lot has changed in social media and technology, and Flatchat has seen less usage in recent years with many preferring to rely on facebook or other media. Recently, Flatchat’s hosting service was changed, and we have been advised that it really needs some extensive updating ‘behind the scenes’. But, considering the necessary expense and continuing responsibility for its operation, we have looked for an alternative that would widen usage and improve support.

Uphill Racers is a similar bulletin board to Flatchat, but includes participation from across the UK. And the operators have agreed to provide two new sub-forums for us for each of ‘Scottish Hillclimb’ and ‘Scottish Sprint’, again for the use of the wider speedsport community in Scotland. Many of you may already be members, but if not you will have to register there before posting.

Of course, Flatchat has developed as a great archive of our sport, and we do not want to see that lost. So, when the new forums are working, and Flatchat is closed to new postings, it will continue to be available as a read-only service while interest continues.